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  • All drivers from the West Suffolk area may already be aware but we now have priority testing facilities available to us, this has become available immediately.

    Click the link and follow the instructions should you need a test.

    Keep Safe! Keep Cabbing!

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    The incite as to why one of the biggest insurance companies said No to Deliveroo due to the situation around workers rights.

    Aviva Won’t Buy into Deliveroo IPO

    • A most important financial investor said it “will not invest in Deliveroo’s stock market flotation because of concerns over workers’ rights”.

    • CIO of Aviva said in a radio interview that social responsibilities were being taken ‘a lot more seriously’ and that Aviva would not invest.

    • As Deliveroo is poised to make a price value of €10.2bn they still refuse to employ drivers!

    Human rights and Employment status will have a significant role in the justice to those being exploited by the company at present.

    Watch as other large companies follow suit in saying ‘NO’ is now looming with higher pressure as Ubers revolt lost.

    What a slap to the face Deliveroo are going to have when this comes in!

    Feel the pressures turn on all companies to make all employees have full rights which in turn gives better stability.

    Demand your full rights as an employee to consequently receive what your entitled to!

    Just a snip from the BBC website covering the entire story of what happened during the shun from Aviva

    Deliveroo riders are self-employed, meaning they are not entitled to earn a minimum wage from the company, or holiday and sick pay.

    ‘Time bomb’

    Rupert Krefting, head of corporate finance and stewardship at M&G, said the company’s reliance on gig-economy workers made it a risk for investors.

    Read the full article by the BBC

    Drivers campaign else you will be left in the dark and never gain your entitlements!

    Why won’t you revolt as Uber’s drivers did?

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  • The retail environment is changing at a rapid pace to remain competitive. And retailers that leverage automation and digital self-service have found ways to be more resilient in the face of pandemic-related challenges.

    We have looked at how automation and digital self-service are helping organisations to save up to £2 million in operational costs by deflecting over 30% of contact centre calls and enabling 65% of customers to digitally self-serve in the first instance.

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    This is how companies like Amazon and Disney have strived through the pandemic by offering the services you need directly to your door and saves costs on such items as shops, staff and Insurances.

    This is how companies like Amazon and Disney have strived through the pandemic by offering the services you need directly to your door and saves costs on such items as shops, staff and Insurances.

    The scale of the companies being able to have majority of items remotely bought, activated and purchased has seen an influx in sales and repeat customers due to lower prices and higher demand since the pandemic set.

    The bigger question is whether these activities shall continue once the restrictions in place lift?

    More companies have already forward thought and have offered staff a work from home environment as long as duties are upheld and offer an increase in wages to cover the costs of added expenses like gas, water and electric.

  • Our council has a very distinct view on the use of driverless cars and that has been stated as an indefinite no, yet in other major cities in other parts of the globe they are reaping the benefits of these ideas.

    DiDi Goes Bigger into Autonomous Driving
    • On 18 March Didi announced a strategic partnership between its Autonomous Driving R&D division and the Huadu District of Guangzhou (China). 
    • DiDi disclosed its plan to invest in R&D in self-driving technology and commercial applications in Guangzhou.
    • Guangzhou is China’s third-largest city, with a population of over 15m.
    • DiDi first began to develop and test autonomous driving vehicles in 2016. In August 2019, DiDi upgraded its autonomous driving unit into an independent company. Currently, DiDi Autonomous Driving has more than 500 R&D personnel, covering Perception, HD maps, Prediction, Planning and Control, Infrastructure and Simulation, etc.
    • The Company holds open-road testing licenses in Shanghai, Beijing, Suzhou and Hefei in China, as well as California in the US.
    • In June 2020, DiDi Autonomous Driving launched an on-demand robotaxi service in Shanghai.

    It can’t be many years before this comes to the UK and becomes the ‘Norm’, yet many councils oppose the idea as it takes out the personalisation of the industry but this seems to be a dyeing industry due to long hours and having to work weekends. Councils have already had to adapt to vehicles running on different fuel types which has had impacts across the board as the technology isn’t as advanced as other countries so will they be able to stop the taxi trade?

    Larger Haulage firms have tripled profits by using a single driver to guide a convoy of self driving trucks so i dare say it won’t be too many more years until you get a computer screen rather than a person behind the wheel, Fifth Element eat your heart out!

  • Drivers will receive full payment for the snow days

    Confirmation from the council!

    We wanted to update you on situation for claiming for snow days during the Covid lockdown in February.

    It has been confirmed that whilst our Terms and Conditions state that 50% of the daily rate will be paid to operators for snow days, we will pay the full daily rate as we have during the rest of the lockdown.

    We have been experiencing some delays in processing invoices over the past few month but we are taking steps including reallocating resource to address this. We aim to clear the backlog of invoices as quickly as possible.

  • The AA estimates that potholes cost drivers and insurers at least £1 million every month. Moreover, the Asphalt Industry Alliance (AIA) says that £9.7 billion is needed over the next 10 years to fix the current state of the roads. Not only is there a backlog of pothole repairs needed but the number of potholes being fixed each year has dropped from 1.9 million to 1.5 million according to the AIA, all the while the average council’s budget for highway maintenance has reduced by 16%. It has been estimated that this reduction in pothole maintenance cost road users in England over £2 billion in 2017.

    The most recent action by the Government was the announcement in the 2020 Spending Review of a £2.5 billion Pothole Fund over the next five years to help local authorities fill-in around 50 million potholes across the country and stop potholes forming in the first place. This financial year alone will see £500 million from the fund go to repair 11 million potholes. As well as the extra funding which has been allocated for pothole repairs; the Department for Transport published a consultation in 2019 on the effects of utility companies’ reinstatements in the openings of roads for maintenance works and it proposed increasing the minimum guarantee for these reinstatements from two to five years and increasing the asphalt standard so as to keep roads pothole-free for longer.

    Although the Government is attempting to tackle the pothole problem, many believe their strategies are not effectively confronting the problem. For example, David Renard, the Local Government Association’s (LGA) transport spokesman, said that “our roads are deteriorating at a faster rate than can be repaired by councils”. To this end, the LGA is calling for Local Authorities to be given devolved infrastructure and public transport budgets to properly address the potholes which blight the road network. Furthermore, the £2.5 billion allocated by the government last year, has been branded by the president of the AA as not enough to “do the job”. The RAC Foundation has also raised concerns about the lack of funding, however they also recognised that with an emerging economic crisis and tighter local authority budgets, a simple fiscal response may not be possible. Instead more ingenious solutions may be needed, whilst the post-Covid economic recovery may provide the optimum moment to focus on improving local roads

    To register for the briefing click here

  • Have you found that that the IVR (integrated voice recognition) or the APP still don’t have the capability of making your booking?

    It could be due to any number of reasons but overall it seems to be that you can’t make an extra stop (via), well here is the solution accessible on any tablet or pc and all you have to do is save the web page to either your home screen on your phone/tablet or star it on your pc and make any booking you wish to with a handy drop down box giving you a regional selection of addresses including shops, airports and sea ports and even prompts for extra information when for instance an airport is selected it will ask for your flight details.

    Our new web booker link has just been made live and available to all, even those with an account!

    This is the exact screen presented to any member of staff, it contains all fields that will be needed to create your booking. The design of this is how our app was designed with a large number of differences, firstly you can add a via (additional stop) secondly you can select a couple of different vehicle types and thirdly you can book a return by clicking one button and only have to amend the time as all details will automatically be presented.

  • The new scam on the rounds via text message is regarding The Bank of Scotland. It leads you to the login page for the Bank of Scotland but has an attachment that captures your details you enter, please warn family and friends to keep them safe!

  • Majority of Jobs across the world have been obsolete due to technology progressing more across the last 30 years. Robots and automation have made a major impact on business owners in reducing costs and speeding up production in some cases ten fold.

    We all love a bargain, there can’t be many people that don’t!

    Within the last year we have begun introducing our automated system slowly to encourage those in the Haverhill and Bury St. Edmunds area to make bookings without the need of a person on the phone.

    We have seen over the last six months our automation level has now developed with as much as 40% of our bookings now being booked using our IVR (integrated voice recognition), APP and Web booker.

    The APP has such features of registering business accounts, adding places of work or home address and even booking your shopping to be collected!

    Statistics show that nearly 70% of bookings made are recurring making these new technologies something we one day won’t be able to survive without.

    With such demand of deliveries over the previous years and with demand growing over the last year as well as the possible continuation of restrictions, we shall shortly be introducing our new version of a delivery system so all products and the delivery can be paid by card!

    With this we would like to invite business owners to broaden there takings and get themselves on the map with our handy food and shopping delivery platform. (The best part is we don’t even have to deliver it for you!)

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