Deliveroo got kicked to the Curb!

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The incite as to why one of the biggest insurance companies said No to Deliveroo due to the situation around workers rights.

Aviva Won’t Buy into Deliveroo IPO

• A most important financial investor said it “will not invest in Deliveroo’s stock market flotation because of concerns over workers’ rights”.

• CIO of Aviva said in a radio interview that social responsibilities were being taken ‘a lot more seriously’ and that Aviva would not invest.

• As Deliveroo is poised to make a price value of €10.2bn they still refuse to employ drivers!

Human rights and Employment status will have a significant role in the justice to those being exploited by the company at present.

Watch as other large companies follow suit in saying ‘NO’ is now looming with higher pressure as Ubers revolt lost.

What a slap to the face Deliveroo are going to have when this comes in!

Feel the pressures turn on all companies to make all employees have full rights which in turn gives better stability.

Demand your full rights as an employee to consequently receive what your entitled to!

Just a snip from the BBC website covering the entire story of what happened during the shun from Aviva

Deliveroo riders are self-employed, meaning they are not entitled to earn a minimum wage from the company, or holiday and sick pay.

‘Time bomb’

Rupert Krefting, head of corporate finance and stewardship at M&G, said the company’s reliance on gig-economy workers made it a risk for investors.

Read the full article by the BBC

Drivers campaign else you will be left in the dark and never gain your entitlements!

Why won’t you revolt as Uber’s drivers did?

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