Why not use autonomous cars?

man driving vehicle near tree

Our council has a very distinct view on the use of driverless cars and that has been stated as an indefinite no, yet in other major cities in other parts of the globe they are reaping the benefits of these ideas.

DiDi Goes Bigger into Autonomous Driving
• On 18 March Didi announced a strategic partnership between its Autonomous Driving R&D division and the Huadu District of Guangzhou (China). 
• DiDi disclosed its plan to invest in R&D in self-driving technology and commercial applications in Guangzhou.
• Guangzhou is China’s third-largest city, with a population of over 15m.
• DiDi first began to develop and test autonomous driving vehicles in 2016. In August 2019, DiDi upgraded its autonomous driving unit into an independent company. Currently, DiDi Autonomous Driving has more than 500 R&D personnel, covering Perception, HD maps, Prediction, Planning and Control, Infrastructure and Simulation, etc.
• The Company holds open-road testing licenses in Shanghai, Beijing, Suzhou and Hefei in China, as well as California in the US.
• In June 2020, DiDi Autonomous Driving launched an on-demand robotaxi service in Shanghai.

It can’t be many years before this comes to the UK and becomes the ‘Norm’, yet many councils oppose the idea as it takes out the personalisation of the industry but this seems to be a dyeing industry due to long hours and having to work weekends. Councils have already had to adapt to vehicles running on different fuel types which has had impacts across the board as the technology isn’t as advanced as other countries so will they be able to stop the taxi trade?

Larger Haulage firms have tripled profits by using a single driver to guide a convoy of self driving trucks so i dare say it won’t be too many more years until you get a computer screen rather than a person behind the wheel, Fifth Element eat your heart out!

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