We’re running Automated!

Majority of Jobs across the world have been obsolete due to technology progressing more across the last 30 years. Robots and automation have made a major impact on business owners in reducing costs and speeding up production in some cases ten fold.

We all love a bargain, there can’t be many people that don’t!

Within the last year we have begun introducing our automated system slowly to encourage those in the Haverhill and Bury St. Edmunds area to make bookings without the need of a person on the phone.

We have seen over the last six months our automation level has now developed with as much as 40% of our bookings now being booked using our IVR (integrated voice recognition), APP and Web booker.

The APP has such features of registering business accounts, adding places of work or home address and even booking your shopping to be collected!

Statistics show that nearly 70% of bookings made are recurring making these new technologies something we one day won’t be able to survive without.

With such demand of deliveries over the previous years and with demand growing over the last year as well as the possible continuation of restrictions, we shall shortly be introducing our new version of a delivery system so all products and the delivery can be paid by card!

With this we would like to invite business owners to broaden there takings and get themselves on the map with our handy food and shopping delivery platform. (The best part is we don’t even have to deliver it for you!)

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